Contractor & Supplier Terms & Conditions


Terms And Conditions Of Registration


Registration is non-transferable. The Registration is valid during the specified period provided there have been no material changes in the Contractor/Supplier's ability to meet the registration requirements. Registration shall be valid for a period of 5 years after which a Contractor/Supplier's shall apply for renewal of registration within 60 days before the expiry date of registration.

The Contractor/Supplier's shall be responsible for maintaining the validity of all legally required registrations such as the CIDB, MoF and SPAN Registration and shall notify IWK of any changes affecting its IWK registration status.

For certain categories all Contractors shall be required to obtain Licences from SPAN. All contractors carrying out sewerage works must possess this license. Applicants may be registered as Indah Water Contractor without this license. However they will not be allowed to carry out works without a valid license from (SPAN).

A Contractor’s registration is subject to review at any time to ascertain his eligibility to the present grade and category of registration. A Contractor must submit to IWK any information that may be required from time to time.


Removal from Register


IWK reserves the right to deregister any Contractor/Supplier without giving notice or explanation.

At the same time IWK also reserves the right to remove from the IWK Register of Contractor/Suppliers any Contractor/Supplier who commits any of the acts listed below:

  • Any of the following shall be sufficient cause for removal from the IWK Register.
  • the Contractor/Supplier has been adjudicated a bankrupt
  • the Contractor/Supplier has been presented with a winding-up petition
  • the Contractor has been deregistered by CIDB or SPAN or MoF
  • the Contractor's or CIDB or SPAN or MoF registration has lapsed
  • the Contractor/Supplier has obtained IWK Registration by making or causing to be made any false or fraudulent declaration, certification or representation either in writing or otherwise
  • the Contractor has abandoned any construction work undertaken
  • the Contractor/Supplier has been found guilty by the Court to be negligent in connection with any works undertaken
  • the Contractor/Supplier has been involved in improper tendering or fraudulent practices such as collusion and bribery
  • the Contractor/Supplier and one or more of the Contractor/Supplier’s related companies have submitted tenders for the same project
  • the Contractor/Supplier did not comply to safety procedures
  • the Contractor/Supplier did not comply to IWK specifications
  • The Contractor/Supplier performance will be continuously appraised and in addition to the above causes for removal, Contractor/Supplier may also be removed from the Register for consistent poor performance and failure to respond positively to warnings from IWK
  • Contractor/Supplier and the Directors and shareholders will also be blacklisted for future projects and future registrations