Contractor & Supplier Registration




This registration is to establish a Register of Contractor and Supplier for Indah Water Works tenders and procurement of goods and services. Only registered Contractor/Supplier will be listed in the tender invitation list for tender in any Indah Water Projects.

The registration form is provided free of charge and can be obtained from all Indah Water offices. There is no registration fees imposed for normal registration.

Category Details
a. Major Capital Works Sewage Treatment Plants, Sewerage Network and Pump Stations, Specialist Services.

Sewage Treatment Plants: Construction of New Sewage Treatment Plants, Upgrading of existing sewage treatment plants, Construction of Centralised Sludge treatment facilities, major pump stations.

Sewerage Network and Pump Stations: Construction of trunk sewers, manholes, laterals, intermediate pumps stations, force mains, relocation and diversion of existing sewers.

Refurbishment works category 2&5 and 3&4
  • Refurbishment works category 2&5: Packaged Civil and Structural Works. Fencing, brick walls and gates, manholes, inspection covers, gratings and railings, step irons, ladders, stairs, landings and handrails, doors and windows, access roads and internal vehicular movement, stormwater drains, tree cutting and removal, rubbish and rubble removal, grass cutting, herbicide spraying, painting
  • Refurbishment works category 3&4: Mechanical, Electrical & Desludging works :

Specialist Services: Micro tunneling, pipe jacking.
b. Minor Civil Works Minor civil works under O&M supervision.
c. Mechanical and Electrical Works Refurbishment: power supply, panels, lighting, wiring and earthing lightning protection mechanical: penstocks, screen and grit removal, flow recorders clarifiers and scrapers, piping and valves, pumps and controls, process equipment, media

Operations M&E : repair to pumps and minor equipment, electrical control panel.
d. Operations Maintenance Works Grass cutting, IST Desludging, Cleaning Services, Security services, Electrical Inspection services, sump cleaning, network maintenance, rubbish disposal, plumbing works and CCTV.
e. STP Maintenance Operation & Maintenance of the Sewage Treatment Plants as per specified Scope of Works.
Category Details
General supplies  
Major equipment Pumps / aerators / blowers
Minor equipment Operations maintenance minor equipment/fittings/ valves
Safety equipment Tripod/ gas detector
Materials Pipes / fencing / paints
Electrical component supplies Component / control panel
Hardware Tools / power tools / bolts & nuts
Laboratory Chemicals / equipment / analysis
Office Equipment  
Office Supplies  
IT / computer products Cabling / Hardware (PC, Server) / Network / Software / Repair, maintenance & Support
Chemicals Enzyme / additives / chlorine
Vehicle / Fleet  
Furniture / Building Maintenance