FAQ – Joint Billing

Joint-billing in W.P Labuan

What is joint-billing?
This integrated bill is a bill that includes water usage and connected sewerage services charges. The integrated bill will be issued by the W.P. Labuan Water Supply Department (JBAL) each month beginning 1 March 2016. This bill will display the current water usage and sewerage services that will be consolidated into the main total. Customers will need to settle the entire amount stated in this integrated bill.
Why is joint-billing necessary?
This integrated bill facilitates the efficient management of utility bills in accordance with the Water Services Industry Act 2006, as well as to ease customers to make payment of water usage and sewerage services charges.
Who will receive the joint-bill?
This integrated bill is for customers of connected sewerage services only for domestic premises (including Government quarters), commercial, government and industrial premises only. Premises that use individual septic tanks, government accounts registered as bulk and sewerage service accounts that are linked to a single annual value but have several water meters; will continue to receive bills from IWK.
When will joint-billing be implemented?
Joint-billing will be implemented on 1 March 2016.
Will the arrears for IWK sewerage charges prior to 1 March 2016 be relieved?
No, any arrears for sewerage charges prior to 1 March 2016 needs to be settled directly with IWK.
Who should customers contact if their premise experiences sewerage issues?
Customers can contact IWK Labuan unit office at 087-414 828. Customers can also visit IWK unit office at Mezzanine Floor, Lot 1, Bangunan Tabung Haji, Jalan Bunga Kusuma, P.O. Box 80305, 87013 Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan.
Do I need to pay for GST in this joint-bill?
No. Labuan is exempted from Goods and Services Tax (GST).
Can I make partial payment for the joint-bill and what would happen if I only pay for water usage charges?
No, customers need to pay for the entire amount stated in the joint-bill. If customers only pay for water usage charges, there will be arrears and as a result, JBAL can suspend water supply to your premise.
Where can payment be made for the joint-bill?
Customers can make payment at W.P Labuan Water Supply Department (JBAL), appointed agency and online banking (please refer to the list of online banking allowed by JBAL). Customers need to make full payment for the amount stated in the joint-bill. Failure to do so will result in arrears in the account and can lead to suspension of water supply to the customer’s premise.
What is the frequency of the delivery of joint-bill?
Every month or according to JBAL’s bill cycle.
I have outstanding arrears prior to the implementation of joint-billing. Can I settle the arrears in instalments?
You are required to contact IWK Labuan at 087-414 828 to discuss with the customer service officer.
Will the implementation of joint-bill result in tariff hike?
No. The sewerage charges remain the same for the time being.
My premise uses individual septic tank. Will I receive the joint-bill?
Premises that use individual septic tanks do not come under the joint-bill list. You can obtain desludging service for your individual septic tank by contacting IWK Labuan or any contractors that are registered with SPAN. Should you obtain desludging service from IWK, payment needs to be made directly to IWK.
For commercial customers, there will always be adjustments from IWK. Will this continue after the implementation of joint-billing?
No. After the implementation of joint-billing, sewerage service charges will be made according to the current water usage data at that point in time and not the average use of water.
Will there be any minimum charges if my premise is not occupied?
There will be no minimum charges for sewerage service. Provided that there is a reading in the water meter, there will be a monthly charge for sewerage services.