Corporate Profile

Risk Management

Sometimes it’s the things you don’t see that have the biggest impact.

The Corporate Risk and Compliance Department (CRCD) was established in Indah Water Konsortium to ensure that risk management and compliance process is applied systematically across the Company to identify, assess, treat and manage risks that threaten resources or the achievement of objectives.

  • A highly respected department for its exceptional risk management services.
  • Create a comprehensive approach to anticipate, identify, prioritize, manage and monitor corporate risks impacting the Company.
CRCD Initiatives
  • Introduction of Risk Control and Self-Assessment (RCSA) is an activity to provide businesses with a forward looking view of operational risk and to help them proactively determine whether their key operational risks are controlled within the acceptable levels.
  • Development of Risk Incident Management Guideline to track number of incidences with identification of actual root causes and mitigation actions.